Marmos Doğal Taş - Natural Stone

Quality Policy

1)To produce and serve by fulfilling all legal requirements.
2) To offer globally competitive products to the market with the advantage of domestic production by continually increasing the quality of products and services
3) To organize employee training by carrying out the necessary work for the adoption of the quality policy and objectives of the whole company.
4) The product variety and quality are directed in line with consumer expectations and desires.
5)To act within the framework of applicable laws and to be sensitive to the maximum level
6)To increase employment, to invest in people, to educate our employees, to provide job satisfaction and increase motivation
7)To keep consumer satisfaction in the foreground
8)Production in international standards
9)To ensure the institutional culture is formed
10)To give importance to teamwork
11)As Senior Management, we are committed to continually improving our Quality Management System
12)As top management, we undertake to fulfill the applicable conditions